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    • Hi Marta! This will be available through HSN on July 23. Thank you for your interest!!

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    • Hello Connie, Thank you for your excitement over the Quillease, we are SO sorry it is no longer available for you! We were shocked to see such a fast sell out! But have no fear… the Quillease will be available again soon! We will be posting details here and on our facebook page when more details are available, so make sure to follow us to keep in the loop! Also, check out our facebook page where we have a contest going on right now for a Quillease giveaway!

  2. These sold out on HSN before I got a chance to order! When will you have more available? I really need this tool, as I have severe arthritis in my hands and want to get back to quilling so badly! When and where will there be more?? ❤

    • Sue, We are so glad that our new Quillease tool will help you get back into quilling! I helped design the product and we made sure that it was comfortable to hold and use without any pain or stress on your hands. We really didn’t expect our tool to sell out so quickly! HSN is out for now, but the Quillease will be available again soon… make sure you follow us here and on Facebook to get the details when they are announced!

  3. Same as above …WHEN WILL I BE ABLE TO BUY ONE????
    Forgot about HSN…need one ASAP….have quilled paper earring store on ETSY..Mom is 80 and love to quill…Please !!! HELP US… who drop the ball, sold out is not good..order more product

    • Hello Amina,
      We have had an overwhelming response to our new Quillease tool the last two days and I’m very sorry that you weren’t able to get one before they sold out! The tool WILL be available again soon though… make sure you follow our facebook page for updates! We also have a contest going on right now on our Facebook page where you can win one! Here is the link to enter: http://tinyurl.com/kc3gxfa Good luck!

    • Hi Ayesha!
      Thank you for your interest in our tool. We are working closely with our UK distributor and hopefully, these will be available in your area soon. Please like us on facebook for future updates.

  4. There is not enough power on this tool..it stops at the slightest resistance and doesn’t wind them as tight…

    • We are sorry to hear about the issues you are having. Are you using the tool with 3 Birds brand quilling strips? These tools are designed to work with the strips from 3 Birds quilling kits; however, it should also work with thin quilling strips from other retailers. Due to the fine balance we need to maintain between the strength of the motor and the turning speed, cardstock or thicker paper is not ideal for the tool.

  5. I was watching HSN and saw this ……thought I ordered it but apparently pushed in the wrong number and got a quilling kit. The kit is very nice but I still want this tool. Is there a contact list for when it is available again?

    • Thank you for ordering the quilling kit. We hope you like it! We are working hard on making these available again in the near future. Please like us on facebook for updates.

  6. The tool concept is wonderful – I too have severe arthritis and have to fight to hold it – my problem not yours – but I at least can be quilling again! However – I used it once and the push button to engage the tool no longer works. At first I was hoping it was a bad battery but not to be! The button just does not connect and I am back to not being able to quill… I do not think I will invest in another because I cannot keep putting money into something I ‘wish’ would work rather than ‘will’ work. But I still think it is a great idea!!!

  7. Hi I received my HSN Quill Ease tool and it will work with no paper but when I put the paper in it will not spin, can you let me know how to fix this. I am very excited to use it to make cards.

    • Hi Carmen,
      We are sorry to hear about the issues you are having. Are you using the tool with 3 Birds brand quilling strips? These tools are designed to work with the strips from 3 Birds quilling kits; however, it should also work with thin quilling strips from other retailers. Due to the fine balance we need to maintain between the strength of the motor and the turning speed, cardstock or thicker paper is not ideal for the tool.

  8. I bought three from HSN. One for myself two for friends….out of three two worked. The one going back to HSN has a bent slotted pin and therefore the button is stuck.

  9. I thought it was me but reading all these posts I believe its the tool. Like others stated its just not powerful enough and stops and starts a lot. I the button just sunk in. I will be shipping this back.

  10. I would love to see a Heavy DUTY – ELECTRIC quilling tool with a nice variable speed setting. I am pretty sure there is a market for a More Durable Quilling Tool. THANKS!

  11. I just got one for my birthday and so far it works great. I’ve used my quilling paper from quilled creations and it works fine. It came with an insert that has shapes u can quill be no instructions on how to do them as far as the length of paper to use. I can figure the rest out

  12. I purchased this tool through HSN along with your quilled cardmaking kit and some other papers. When I received my order I checked to make sure everything was included, but because of some major health problems & surgery I wasn’t able to use it until this week. The tool didn’t work at all. I even tried putting a new battery thinking that might be the problem, but it still didn’t work. I contacted HSN but they didn’t have any to replace this one with. The problem is when I received all my order I combined it and now don’t know what went with what. Is there a way to get another one of your tools straight from you?

  13. Hi, I find your product very interesting,I would like to distribute your product here in Chile,please send me your distributors price, and conditions.
    Best Regards
    Jorge Gabler

    • Hi Jorge,
      Thank you for your interest in carrying our product. Please send us a link to your website and contact information. Someone will be in touch soon.
      Thank you!

  14. When I purchased this tool in July from HSN it worked fine but I didn’t use it (just checked it to see if everything was OK). Today I got everything ready to use and when I touched the button it broke, as in staying in, head pulled out a little and it rattles. How do I go about replacing this now?

  15. Olá, sou brasileira e estou muito interessada nesse produto. Como faço pra comprá-lo?

    • Hi Adriana! Currently our products are not available in South America. Thank you for your interest in 3 Birds.

  16. I purchased this when it first came out on HSN, I did not use it right away, and I wish I had, I was using The 3Birds Quilling paper, but the tool is not powerful enough. Then I was watching HSN last week, and saw that they had a new more powerful tool, I was so excited, and I put the tool in my cart, went to the bathroom, and when I came back, they were sold out! I was not comcerned, because because I had already put it in my cart, but when I went to buy it, HSN had taken it out of my cart!! I was so angry, I know that this is not your problem, but I am wondering where else can I get the new more powerful one?

  17. When will we be able to purchase the quill ease tool again and where/how? Is it only going to be available through HSN?

  18. Hi
    When is it available ? How to order? Do I ve pre-order for this . Please let me know.

  19. Ordered one. It arrived and doesnt work. Bummed. Of course it is out of stock. Way to go.

  20. I am interrested in your quill ease motorized quilling tool to sell in Mexico, I have a small crafts store, and they ask for a motorized tool for quilling, can you give me wholesale price and quantitys please!!!! Thanks!!!

  21. Olá Juliana, você pode me fornecer endereços online de loja onde eu possa encontrar este produto?
    Obrigada pela atenção.

  22. I have been quilling for years. By hand. The tool does work. You just need to practice. It takes a little technique. Also make sure you know if you need to use the extra plate or not depending on size of circle.
    So I notice they were on clearance at Joann’s and very hard to find.
    Are you going out of business? I would be very sorry if you were. We need more innovative craft ideas. So much of the stuff out today is just more of the same. I have amazing ideas, just no idea how to patent or manufacture. Any company would be thrilled to have me on the design team. I have been crafting for years. I can sew clothing , quilt, crochet very well, knit a little, cross stitch, embroider, quill, scrapbook, I have been stamping for 30 years, make cards, decopogue, getting into letterpress printing, etc . I thought of the tool to cut paper for ribbon six years before it came out. I was so aggravated that I had no way to get it into production. So any companies need good ideas give me a shout. lol
    Seriously please let me know the status of the Quill Ease and the company. Thanks
    etc. There is not a craft out there that I don’t like or doesn’t like me.

  23. I bought one of these and it worked for a few days which was great since I have arthritis. Too bad it broke so quickly, I tried replacing the battery but still didn’t work at all. Went to exchange it at JO-ANN’S but they were out so I had to return it. Nice idea if you could get it to work properly and consistently

    • Hello Brenda, I am sorry to hear this. We have new shipments going out this month so hopefully Joanns will be restocked soon! New Quillease tools will also be available on HSN.com on January 21st.

  24. My daughter gave me this as a christmas gift and I used it yesterday for the first time.It only worked intermittantly;tried exchanging the battery but that didn’t correct the problem.Contacted HSN and was told that they couldn’t replace it or give a refund.Is there another place where I can purchase one?

  25. Joann’s has them in stock online However you have to purchase very fast or they sell out quickly. I purchased a second one on sale to have if first one wears out. I have not had any trouble with mine, except for the learning curve. A little more detailed instructions would be helpful. But I do love it. I can make tons of circles so much faster.

  26. Hi I am farida, u can call me da, I loved this tool I would love to buy it please guide me how do I buy it and from where and when.

  27. Da, Joann’s is sold out online and in most local stores right now. I have an extra Quill Ease I can sell you for cost plus shipping. I purchased a few extras when I found the . Message me on facebook. I am listed as Susan Kyger Miller Orlando. I will help anyone who needs to find one.And before anyone asks or suggests I don’t work for Quill Ease, I am not a craft tool seller, except occasionally on Ebay. I am just someone who loves a new good tool and like others to be able to get it too. I do not charge a profit either. What I paid for it I sell it for. If you want to wait and get from a retailer that is fine by me. I am just trying to help. Enjoy

  28. I just purchased this at JoAnn’s. I put the cover on and when I went to use it again the cover had bend the tine over. The cover is too short. I tried to straighten it, but it isn’t the same. I’m thinking I’ll return it to JoAnn’s, but do you have anything to say about this flaw? I need and want a new one, but won’t be putting the cover on it.

    • Hello Sue,
      I’m sorry to hear of this problem, this is the first time I’ve heard of the cover bending the tool. I suggest taking it to Joanns for an exchange. It sounds like an isolated issue since we haven’t heard of this before.

  29. I bought the Quill Ease yesterday at Hobby Lobby , and today as I picked it up ( with lid on) I accidentally hit the button to turn it on, and it bent the tip to where it can’t be used, is there any way to fix it??

  30. First I am not employed by 3Birds Studio., I purchased the Quill Ease as soon as it came out.. I had been qulling for a long time by hand using the straight needle tool and some slotted ones. I was so thrilled at not having to use manual tool. I know some more complicated designs would still need by skills and would quill with original tools. The Quill Ease truly has changed the face of quilling. First take time with the tool to get used to it. Find the faded quilling paper or a color you despise. Well plan to use that while practicing with the Quill Ease. I do not see the benefit of capping the tool as I keep it in a storage tote that keeps it from getting damaged. I have seen a lot of people contend with a bent needle. I had that after using it the first time. I would think that 3Birds could make the metal stronger so bends cannot happen.The little circle of plastic is very important. It allows you to to have a surface to make small coils. I have tiny ziploc bags and I keep the cap and top off of it so if it were to accidentally turn on there would be no damage. It took me a few tries but then I got into my groove. By using this tools I can spend a lot more time designing and making things. Just do not throw out the conventional quilling tools. You will probably use them once in a while. I love this tool. I think there could be a change in design like have a slightly taller lid then the bending problem wouldn’t happen. I will paste a full tutorial on this as soon as I am out of the hospital bed. Happy Quilling To All, and To All a Goodnight

  31. I’ve been quilling for 40 years and would love to discuss some modifications/adjustment to the tool.

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