Thanksgiving Tablescape with 3D Quilling Strip Acorns

Well, Hello there my Chickadees! Chasity here today to share my own take on the Turkey Tablescape! I was so inspired by Juliana’s wonderful ideas! I can’t even believe that the Holiday Season is almost upon us! I might be in denial, but I blame this unseasonably warm Cleveland weather we’ve been enjoying! So today I ignored my  enormous amount of leaves I should be raking, and played with some paper instead! Here is what I came up with!

Thanksgiving Tablescape by Chasity Sivanick for #3birdsdesign #paperpumpkins #homedecor #3DpapershapesSo, my favorite part about this are the Quilling Strip 3D Acorns! I made these little pretties today in the office, then made the rest of it at home! The 3D acorns were easier to do then I thought they would be. I saw them on (you guessed it…) Pinterest, and just had to try them! Here is what you will need to made these: Approximately 20 strips of brown quilling strips, 20 strips of off white quilling strips, a good adhesive that dries clear, a quilling tool and a inexpensive paintbrush. I took 15 strips of the same color, (brown) quilling strips and glued them end to end. (It hung off my desk and coiled on the floor!) I began hand quilling them. I had to go a little slower once the coil started to get thick, but it was manageable! Once I finished quilling the long strip, I glued the end and pulled to off the quilling tool. I then took 12 quilling strips of the off white, and repeated the process! Here’s what they looked like once I finished quilling them. Notice that the brown is slightly larger than the off white. This is so the brown top will overlap the off white bottom slightly.

3D Quilling Shapes by Chasity Sivanick for #3birdsdesign #paperart #paperacornNext I took my quilling tool, and used it as a sort of rolling pin to flatten the strips and make them even. This tool is very useful!

3D Quilling Shapes by Chasity Sivanick for #3birdsdesign #paperart #paperacornThis is important to do because it keeps the strips more even when you start to manipulate them into the dimensional 1/2 circles that will make the acorn top and bottom! The next step is the trickiest part. It takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it looks great! Don’t forget, if you’re not happy with your results, just press the shape flat on the table, repeat the “Rolling Pin” step, and start again! Start by holding the quilled circle between both forefingers and thumbs, apply even pressure with your thumbs while rotating the circle back and forth. This is called the “doorknob turning” method. Here is a photo of how to hold and manipulate the coil circle.

3D Quilling Shapes by Chasity Sivanick for #3birdsdesign #paperart #paperacornAs you can see, the coil circle will start to form a dome shape! Once you get the desired shape, repeat the same steps with the other coil circle. This will become the bottom of the acorn!

3D Quilling Shapes by Chasity Sivanick for #3birdsdesign #paperart #paperacornWhen both halves are completed, squeeze a small amount of glue into the inside, or well, of the 1/2 domes. Take an inexpensive brush and brush the walls of the insides of the domes. Set aside and let then dry. Then take 2 brown quilling strips and tightly quill them and glue. These will be stacked and glued to become the stem of the acorn.

3D Quilling Shapes by Chasity Sivanick for #3birdsdesign #paperart #paperacornOnce the 2 domes are dry, place a bead of glue around the edge of the off white dome and place it into the top dome and allow to dry. Add the stacked coils and glue for the stem. Here is what it will look like once the acorn is assembled!

3D Quilling Shapes by Chasity Sivanick for #3birdsdesign #paperart #paperacornIf you would like to add the curly pieces, here’s what you do: cut a 6″ brown quilling strip down the center about a half an inch from the end all the way though the other side, basically cutting it almost in half. Quill it around the tool, then uncoil and glue to the side of the stem. I just loved the way these turned out! I had so much fun with these that I am already thinking about how I can make a string of lights for some Christmas decor! I hope that you give them a try too!

So, for the rest of my table display, I made some simple paper pumpkins using 1: x 7″ strips of paper from the Midday Medley Paper Pack. I attached the ends with brads, and decorated them with some fake leaves I had laying around, and some paper bows from the Touch of Glimmer Kit. I made the card from a pocket card from the “For All Seasons” Pocket Card Kit. I just love all the foil and glitter accents! I arranged all my paper goodies in the center of table, and I am ready to go!

Thanksgiving Tablescape by Chasity Sivanick for #3birdsdesign #paperpumpkins #homedecor #3Dpapershapes Thanksgiving Tablescape by Chasity Sivanick for #3birdsdesign #paperpumpkins #homedecor #3Dpapershapes Thanksgiving Tablescape by Chasity Sivanick for #3birdsdesign #paperpumpkins #homedecor #3DpapershapesI can’t wait to see what you come up with for your table decorations! Please share with us! As Thanksgiving nears… We hope you all know how very thankful we are for all of you, our families and friends! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping by!

SUPPLIES| Midday Medley Paper Pack, “For All Seasons” Pocket Card Kit, Touch of Glimmer Embellishment Kit


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