Here We Grow Again!

Hey Everyone! It’s Kimberly Bloom here. Who, you ask? Well, I’m just one of the many “behind-the-scenes” girls at 3 Birds. I wanted to share some exciting news for all you 3 Birds Quilling Fans!

Drum roll please…. You can officially find our Quilling products in all Hobby Lobby Stores!

3Birds at #hobbylobby #quillingI took a visit the other night to check it out and take some pics. I just love Hobby Lobby and I always find myself trying to run in and out of the store, but instead end up spending 2 hours browsing around. I ended up picking up a bunch of Christmas craft items and splurging on new décor items for my girls’ bedroom.

I finally made my way over to the Quilling section and did a little happy dance in the aisle. I’m sure the security crew was laughing at me through the cameras!

3Birds at #hobbylobby #quillingRight now, you can buy our Quilling Starter Kit, Wood Template and Crimper Tool. I visited the store in Akron Ohio, which only had 1 of each item left in stock. Hopefully your store will have plenty to go around, they are flying off the shelves! We are hoping to expand with more items in 2015 so stay tuned!

Never tried our crimper tool before? You can create some really unique shapes by running your quilling strip through the gears. It’s so easy to use and a tool that you can keep in your stash forever. Here are a few shapes we created by crimping the quilling strips!

3Birds at #hobbylobby #quilling #crimpertool

3Birds at #hobbylobby #quilling #crimpertool

3Birds at #hobbylobby #quilling #crimpertool

Thanks for all your Birdie support. We’ll keep you posted as we keep expanding our Quilling line with fresh and new products!


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