Totally Awesome 80’s Halloween Party at the Nest!

Hi Everyone! Chasity here! I am so excited to share with you a peek inside the 3Birds Nest! Here at 3Birds, we LOVE Halloween. Every year we throw the most EPIC Halloween office parties in Cleveland! Yes, it’s true we work hard, but that’s just so we can play harder! This year we themed our annual Halloween Party “Totally 80’s”! We have had a blast the past couple of weeks planning the party, choosing costumes, and inviting the nieghbors! We even had some throwback decorations brought in for the party such as an old school MAC computer, that still works! (Floppy discs and all!) Also appearing at the party were many Troll Dolls, bean bag chairs, an original walkman, multiple boom boxes, a T.V. in a wooden case and more! See if you can spot these items in the pictures! Wednesday was the big event, and it truly was a blast. Probably one of the best. So we wanted to share a little of our fun with you! Hope you enjoy!

Everyone came up with some very clever costumes! It was awesome to see everyone’s creativity with their costumes from T.V. shows to characters from movies to just what they wore in that decade! I chose a costume from my favorite movie of the decade. I was Elliot and E.T. in the infamous bike ride scene! Here is a close up of my Extra Terrestrial! 3Birds Halloween Party at the Nest #2014 #3birdsknowshowtoparty #totally80shalloweenI think I saw this movie about 12 times in the theater when it first came out. It will forever be one of my most favorite movies! Here is the rest of the costume, my daughters BMX Bike, complete with the basket to hold E.T., and some Reese’s Pieces! YUM! 3Birds Halloween Party at the Nest #2014 #3birdsknowshowtoparty #totally80shalloweenAnnette, one very talented Assistant Creative Director/Designer from the Nest came up with this creative costume… from a popular T.V. Game Show. She was prepared for the “Physical Challenge” complete with elbow and knee pads! 3Birds Halloween Party at the Nest #2014 #3birdsknowshowtoparty #totally80shalloween #doubledare #annetteisthebestWe did actually get some work done in the morning hours before the party. But It was a strange sight to see a “Shark” hard at work at the creative table! This photo cracks me up! 3Birds Halloween Party at the Nest #2014 #3birdsknowshowtoparty #totally80shalloween #sharkatworkOh, and this Shark, aka Allison, is the mastermind behind the amazing cake we had for the party! Check out the mad skills on this chick!3Birds Halloween Party at the Nest #2014 #3birdsknowshowtoparty #totally80shalloween #allisonhasmadcakeskillzYou can find some amazing 80’s references on this cake! It was almost too pretty to eat! 

So here are some of the party decorations, complete with the Rubik’s Cube and a photo booth! Amanda went all out on making this a decked out 80’s party! 3Birds Halloween Party at the Nest #2014 #3birdsknowshowtoparty #totally80shalloween #rubikscube 3Birds Halloween Party at the Nest #2014 #3birdsknowshowtoparty #totally80shalloween 3Birds Halloween Party at the Nest #2014 #3birdsknowshowtoparty #totally80shalloween #80smacstillworksWe also played an awesome game of “Family Feud”. “Lydia” from “Beetlejuice”, aka Amanda, was the host of the game complete with the working “Survey Says” board and buzzers! She really turned it up a notch! We played against a neighboring studio. They were awesome and this was a highlight of the party.3Birds Halloween Party at the Nest #2014 #3birdsknowshowtoparty #totally80shalloween #80'sfamilyfeudwinnersOur Team won, of course! How could we not? we had Maverick from Top Gun, Axl Rose and a Nerd on our team! Besides, this is a very competitive bunch! Look what happens you get an answer wrong!3Birds Halloween Party at the Nest #2014 #3birdsknowshowtoparty #totally80shalloweenHahaha…ok… not really! But Jasen, the Nerd, was a good sport! Here are a few photo booth pics of some 80’s Chicks, and Maverick, along with most of the 3Birds Crew! What a bunch of characters! We had a costume contest that ended in an arm wrestling contest due to a tie! I warned you they were competitive!3Birds Halloween Party at the Nest #2014 #3birdsknowshowtoparty #totally80shalloween #topgun #80schicks 3Birds Halloween Party at the Nest #2014 #3birdsknowshowtoparty #totally80shalloween #thecewatthenestEven though Frank, our awesome Creative Director, eluded the camera most of the afternoon, he joined in the group photo! Along with Doug, clearly a member of KISS.

I hope that you have smiled, or even laughed at our Party shenanigans! I leave you with this last photo… An unlikely bonding moment between Axl Rose and E.T! Hope all of you have a wonderful Halloween on Friday! Please share your fun with us!3Birds Halloween Party at the Nest #2014 #3birdsknowshowtoparty #totally80shalloween






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