October Show at HSN|Behind the Scenes!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like in the HSN Studio? How all the Guests and Hosts come together to make 24 hours of crafting for us to enjoy? Sometimes I think I take for granted that the HSN campus has become my “home-away-from-home”! Chasity here today to share some “behind the scenes” moments from the HSN show last week! I hope this gives a little insight to the inside world that I have grown to loves as HSN! The live shows are a well oiled machine that is Home Shopping Network! It never ceases to amazing me how they pull this 24 hour craft day together so seamlessly! HSN October Show with #3birdsdesign #behindthescenes #lesleebrackin #24hourcrafteventHere is one of the framed prints that hung on set all day to promote the 24 Hour Craft Event! The on air sets change so quickly around there, so don’t blink!

October HSN Show #behindthescenes #3birdsdesign #stagecrewThis shot is of our beautiful Leslee Brackin getting ready to go live on air! This is how close I am to the set. There are people roaming around controlling cameras, checking lighting, making sure the Hosts’ and Guests’ mics work… Everyone plays an important role to making this look so easy!  The set tables are on wheels so they can be easily rolled on and off set quickly.

October HSN Show #behindthescenes #3birdsdesign #stagecrewHere is  the “Stage Manager”. He makes sure everything goes as it’s supposed to. They change throughout the day, but each one is always helpful and knowledgeable. He is also the person who makes sure that I have my flash off on set.. which is a huge “No-No!”HSN October Show with #3birdsdesign #behindthescenes #settingtablesforshowThis is a pic of the “Show Room”. This is where we can find the products that are going on air and set tables with the product and samples before it’s rolled onto the set. This is the table I set for the Flora Festival Kit that debuted last Tuesday!

October HSN Show for #3birdsdesign #lesleebrackin #onairHere is Leslee getting mic’d for the show in the green room. Isn’t it funny that they call it a green room and in fact, it isn’t green at all!?!  The staff will come to the green room and make sure the guests are ready for their on air presentation!

Did any of you check out the awesomely talented scrapbook ladies that joined in on the 24 hour fun? These women had major crafting mojo! How fun to be at HSN and crafting! WOW!

HSN October show for #3birdsdesign #scrapbookersonset


HSN October Show with #3birdsdesign #behindthescenes #lesleebrackin #billgreenNow, This guy is just amazing! I love when our 3Birds Guests are on air with Bill Green! He is a hoot, he knows the product, and he always has amazing chemistry with the Guests! So may of the Guests love working with him. Speaking of Guests, I hope that you guys had a chance to see all the other fabulous Guests that were on that day! All my favorite peeps were in the house! Beth Kingston, Anna Griffin with the TS, Andrew Hiller and the awesome Lisa Bearnson… just to name a few! Here is a picture of Beth and Leslee hanging out in between shows in the HSN lounge!

Behind the Scenes with #3birdsdesign #lesleebrackin #bethkingstonHere is a picture of Leslee and I in the greenroom after 23 hours of no sleep, and that is why she goes on air! She still looks amazing!

October HSN show for #3birdsdesign #lesleebrackin

#HSN #itsfunhereThis HSN sign is in the hallway when you enter the studio. It’s true, it is fun here! We also even had time to sneak in a baby shower for a very special person at HSN on Wednesday! It was hosted by Anna Griffin and Beth Kingston! 2 of the most amazingly creative ladies I know! They did such a perfect job! From the Photo Booth seen here, to the cake and decorations. Simply breathtaking! Great job ladies! And she was surprised!



HSN October Show with #3birdsdesign #behindthescenes #specialshowerI hope that you have enjoyed our “Behind the Scenes” of HSN! I have so much fun being a part of these amazing 24 hour craft days! Thanks for taking a look into a 3Birds/HSN crazy day!





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