Midday Medley Note Board

Hi everyone. It’s Robbie. Today, I decided to make a little note board. I love small things that I can leave notes on or even give for little gifts. 3 Birds Studio products made this one really easy!

Midday Medley Note Board by Robbie Herring for 3 Birds Studio #3birdsdesign #middaymedley #noteboard

I started with an 8×8 cork square. The Midday Medley stickers come in lots of shapes and sizes, so I just chose some that fit nicely and still left plenty of room for pins to attach notes without putting holes in the stickers.

DESIGNER TIP | Although these stick really well, because I was designing on cork instead of paper, I added some Fabri-tac to make sure they stayed long term.

Midday Medley Note Board by Robbie Herring for 3 Birds Studio #3birdsdesign #middaymedley #noteboard

To embellish the stickers and to repeat the colors of the quilled flowers, I added simple stitching along the borders. I then added the quilled flowers that I made using the Graceful Season Quilled Card Kit.

DESIGNER TIP | Stitching through cork this thick can be a bit tricky. Piercing marks disappear. To solve this, I went with really simple stitches and used a needle on both sides of the floss. This allowed me to stitch from the front and just pull the floss across. I then tied it in the back.

I tied the pen on by attaching twine to the cap. It makes it really easy to remove the pen for notes.

For the background border, I used cork ‘paper’ attached to a light weight piece of chipboard. It gave the cork paper a more stable base. Add a square of the Midday Medley paper, a few more simple stitches, glue it to the back of the original square and you’re done!

Midday Medley Note Board by Robbie Herring for 3 Birds Studio #3birdsdesign #middaymedley #noteboard

NOTE BOARD by Robbie Herring

SUPPLIES | Midday Medley Nestable Festival Sticker Pad, Midday Medley 12 x 12 Paper and Vellum Pad, Graceful Season Quilled Cardmaking Kit

Thanks for stopping by to see my project!


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