Craft Room Storage Ideas – Punches, Ink Pads, Thread and Markers

Hi everyone! Jana Eubank here today to share some of the storage ideas that I use in my craft room. I have drawers behind my desk house that hold my punches, embellishments, twine, journal blocks, etc. These are the items that I reach for most often while adding the finishing touches to the projects I create, so I like keeping them closest to my work space.

Jana Eubank Punch Storage

I use Iris Snap-Close cases quite a bit for my paper collections and kits, but I also like to use them for other things. I really like that they take advantage of the vertical space on my shelves. Recently, I have discovered that they also work well for ink pads. When the case is open I can flip through them to find the color I need…

Jana Eubank Ink Pad Storage

And then when the case is closed and on my shelf, the ink pads are stored face down where gravity can do its work and keep the ink settled to the top of the ink pad making them nice and juicy for when I am ready to stamp an image.

Jana Eubank Ink Pad Storage

I love the Iris 4×6 photo holders, too. They are perfect for separating embroidery thread into different color families.

Jana Eubank Embroidery Thread Storage

And for keeping markers and pens on their sides … which is the best way to store them for optimal ink flow.

Jana Eubank Copic Marker Storage

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my scrapbook room and how I store some of my craft and scrapbook supplies.

Jana Eubank


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