Craft Room Storage Ideas – Spray Ink, Twine and Sequins

Happy Monday 3 Birds Peeps! We are here with another installment of craft room storage ideas. Today, Mary Ann shows use how she stores her spray ink, twine and sequins.  But what if you don’t use any of these items in your scrapbooking? If that is the case, maybe try looking at these storage ideas in a new light. Think about how this idea might work for the products you do have in your craft room. No matter how you are inspired, hopefully you will leave with a few new ideas.

Hello! Mary Ann here to share a few ways on how I like to organize some of my scrapbooking supplies using storage products not found in a scrapbook store. First up, my spray mists and twine are stored in this Lazy Susan tray I found at Target in the kitchen department. I love how I can just spin it around to find the color I need.

Storage Ideas Ink and Twine Mary Ann Jenkins

For separating small items such as these sequins, I use plastic containers I found at a sporting goods store. These are made to hold fishing supplies, but I think sequins look a lot prettier! Don’t you?!

Storage Ideas Sequins Mary Ann Jenkins

Storage Ideas Sequins Mary Ann Jenkins

Is your brain thinking about how to use these ideas in your craft room? What about using that Lazy Susan to store acrylic paint or embossing powder? How about using the tackle boxes for buttons, brads, and other tiny embellishments? I’m sure your mind is spinning with new ideas now! You might even have some ideas that we haven’t mentioned or thought of. If so, we’d love to hear them! Leave us a comment or even a link to your blog where you have shared your craft room and storage ideas. We’d love to see it…and we might just select you to be featured on our blog!


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