Craft Room Storage Ideas – Ribbons, Adhesive and Ink

Happy Monday 3 Birds Fans! Raise your hand if you have somewhere that you can create and scrapbook? Hopefully, you all raised your hand! I realize that some of us probably have large, spacious rooms completely devoted to our hobby and others of us may only have the corner of the dining room table. Regardless of the space or size you have, it’s usually helpful to have things stored and organized in a way that is functional, practical and maybe even pretty! We all have different systems for storing and organizing and sometimes you just have to find the systems that works best for you. Today, Design Team Members, Robbie Herring and Katrina Hunt, share how they store some of their favorite go-to craft supplies including ribbon, adhesive and ink. You are sure to get some great ideas that you can use for storing your own supplies.

Hi everyone! Robbie Herring here, to share with you how I store one of my favorite crafts supplies – ribbon. If you look in any of my galleries or have seen much of my work, you know that I seldom create a page or project that doesn’t incorporate ribbon in some way. My love of ribbon started long before I started scrapbooking so I’ve had a large stash for years. I’m a total sucker for $1 ribbon baskets, 1/2 price sales and, as you can see from my photo, I can’t pass up polka dots and checks!
Over the years, I’ve tried many ways to both store my ribbon and to be able to see at a glance what I have available when I’m creating. I came across these little wire baskets at IKEA a few years ago. They are the BEST! At $1.99, the price was right, too! Even better, they slid right onto my slat wall. My favorite part about this storage solution is that I don’t have ribbon spools unrolling. Most basic rolls will sit right inside and stay neat and easily accessible.

Don’t have slat wall? No worries, IKEA also has rods that you can use to hang these!

Ribbon Storage Robbie Herring
Ribbon Storage | Robbie Herring
Hello everyone! Katrina Hunt here to share with you how I store my adhesives and inks. Since I do design team work, I have to know what I am using at all times. I am on an adhesive team and keeping all of the products in this basket makes it easy for me to grab and have everything handy!
Adhesive Storage Adhesive Storage
Adhesive Storage | Katrina Hunt
I also like to go to crops, so a lot of my stuff is stored so that I can grab and go. These inks are just one example. My inks fit perfectly in this box (and I could get a few more in there) and I can easily slide into my crop bag at a moment’s notice.
Ink Storage Ink StorageInk Storage | Katrina Hunt
We hope you enjoyed the Craft Room Storage Ideas that we shared with you today! We’d love to see how you store your scrapbook and craft supplies. If you feel like sharing, just post a photo of it on our 3 Birds Facebook page. Who knows, maybe we’ll feature your idea on our next Craft Room Storage Ideas post!

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