Celebrate Circles, The Rule of Odds and a Sketch

Hugs everyone! I am so happy to be sharing my first blog post here on the 3 Birds Studio blog! The new Graceful Season collection has been such a joy to create with. Everything coordinates so well together that creating with it has come so easily. Today, I want to share the first layout I created with this collection and some tips on incorporating circles and the Rule of Odds into your scrapbook pages. After you are finished here, head over to my blog (17turtles.com) to see the sketch I used to create my layout.Juliana Michaels Celebrate Scrapbook Page for 3 Birds Studio


The first tip I have to share is a design principle that I use quite often when I create. It is called the Rule of Odds. The basic idea is that when objects are arranged or grouped in odd numbers (one, three, five, seven, etc.) they are more visually appealing, memorable and effective than objects that are even numbered. When your brain has an odd number of things to look at it, it can’t pair them or group them easily. This forces your eyes to keep moving through the scrapbook page. By using odd numbers of embellishments or shapes, you can create harmony, force movement and provide visual interest.  Of course this isn’t the only thing to consider when you make layout, but it is certainly a good starting point. As you can easily see, I applied this to the number of circles (5) that I added to my layout.

Juliana Michaels Celebrate Scrapbook Page for 3 Birds Studio detail 1


My next tip is about how I created the various circles on my layout. To create them, I used a set of metal dies with various sizes of circles. I began by selecting a larger size circle and then one that was several sizes smaller. I placed the smaller circle inside the larger circle, but I offset the smaller one. By doing this, it helped me achieve a more organic look and it added more visual interest to the overall design.

Juliana Michaels Celebrate Scrapbook Page for 3 Birds Studio detail 2

Now that you know what the Rule of Odds is, can you spot another element that I used this design principle with?Juliana Michaels Celebrate Scrapbook Page for 3 Birds Studio detail 3

CELEBRATE  by Juliana Michaels

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Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed learning about adding circles to your layout and the Rule of Odds, and don’t forget to visit my blog for the sketch!



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